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Jun is kombucha's fizzier, lighter, less acidic cousin that
also helps keep your gut flora healthy and thriving!

Some call it the "Champagne" of kombuchas, others call it
kombucha for those who don't normally like kombucha, we just call it
Just like its cousin, jun is fermented with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast - a whole world of good bacteria and yeast forming a mushroom-like cellulose-based organism that floats on the surface) but quite UNLIKE kombucha, jun SCOBY prefers to feast on green tea and honey instead of black tea and sugar. Some may say that having more antioxidants and added pollen, vitamins and minerals from the honey gives jun a little extra edge on its cousin. We say that doesn't even matter because it's so delicious!

Alcohol is a natural by-product of all fermentation where yeast is involved. To maintain our product well within the non-alcoholic threshold, we use a low amount of honey to lightly ferment our jun at very low temperatures and halt the fermentation by cold crashing it to 1°C.  This insures that the product that goes into our kegs and cans has less than 0.5% alcohol. In fact, when testing every batch, our jun consistently comes in under 0.3% ABV. It is however important to keep in mind that our jun is still a living culture, even when in cans and, with a little residual honey left for flavour, it still has the potential to ferment a little more if left at room temperature for several days. Because our product may contain trace amounts of alcohol, we do not recommend it for pregnant persons or children under 4. Care should be taken to always refrigerate our jun and to consume it fresh so as to ensure it's as tasty and good for you as when we put it in the can. 

Although we started growing our SCOBY with green tea, we've successfully cultured them on a variety of botanicals since. Scroll down to find out what crazy delicious flavours of jun we're brewing up today! 


Low sugar
Jun kombucha SCOBY character
raspberry-Asset 2_4x.png
Raspberry Leaf Jun Kombucha


This caffeine-free delight is not tea based at all! Made with all organic raspberries and raspberry leaf, this fruity herbal sparkling (non-alc) rosé is a big crowd pleaser! 

yerba-pink background_4x.png
Yerba Mate Jun Kombucha



Delicious boost of energy for all the fiestas, this ode to Guaraní tereré is refreshingly suave with a hint of smokey tea. Made with yerba mate and honey only, the only thing missing is the lime!

jasmine-blue background_4x.png
Jasmine Green Tea and Moroccan Mint Jun Kombucha

Wicked fresh organic moroccan mint hits the nose as sweet honey notes and floral jasmine fill the palate. The green tea cleans it all up leaving you refreshed and  making this cool drink a total summer crusher!



©2024 Saint Spore - lllustrations by Caitlin Taguibao 

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